Riyaadh’s version: ImmersiveXP was started out by two friends that had a desire to create experiences that would remove people from their everyday lives through a fun, physical and interactive game design.


Naazia’s version: ImmersiveXP was started out by accident.


(we sort of had different ideas of what we were doing)


Whichever way you look at it; ImmersiveXP is a game design company that aims to create fun, unique, challenging and potentially informative experiences that draw people into an alternate reality.


We are starting out with a fun mystery-thriller game but we are continuously developing new experiences for people to enjoy.


Our experiences are not only designed for pure entertainment. We try to include an element of social awareness in many of our games and we are also keen on building games that are specially designed to disseminate information about various pertinent topics.


Besides the information sharing; we also design games as partial fundraisers, usually linked to the messaging content of that game.